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Sherry G. and Carrie B., two smart and very HOT women, created Shopaholic. They had an idea about having the perfect jobs, retiring early and giving other shopaholics like them a chance to feed their addiction and stop global warming. They basically wanted to save the world….and bring the golden retriever to work with them.

"We believe, that as shopaholics, we really don't need anything. We just enjoy the hunt. So our place is really just an outlet for the Universal Craving of something NEW. Even if someone else owned it first.

We can buy things we didn't even know we wanted. Stuff we didn't know we needed. Products we can't live another day without. We can do all of this knowing that we are truly impacting our world in a positive way.

We believe, that humans have reached an all time high with shopaholism. The result of our gratification-at-any-price behavior has been huge trade deficits with other countries; increased waste products polluting the environment; and most concerning we think, is the dampening of our entrepreneurial spirit by large chains of discount warehouses who make the marketplace nearly impossible to compete in. In many cases actually violating the human rights of their employees.

This is NOT just a theory. Our worlds' growing dependence on cheaply manufactured goods is literally causing these economic and moral issues every moment of every day.

We know it's hard to see the forest for the trees but we'd all like to hug a few right?

A one-stop shop for specialty resale, image styling and serving your community.

Shopaholic is a convenient way to contribute to the betterment of society. We pick up your excess. Call us when you finally clean out that closet and we will take it off your hands that day! (Clean closet, clear mind.)

Shopping should be about the experience. No self-respecting addict would be caught digging through piles of someone else' s throw-a ways. We do that for you. (Self-respect is relative.)

Get a whole new look, expert image consulting and have a good time hanging out with your new best friends! Having fun is not negotiable for us, and being "green" is totally cool. It's just the right thing to be. (It's eco-chic baby!)

As an admitted Shopaholic you will be in the "loop" (as we say) about fashion trends, hair and make-up techniques and current "gotta have it goodies." Your friends will covet your one-of-a-kind finds…and you can feel proud of your bargain shopping…you are living authentically after all.

Most importantly, you will contribute to Shopaholics' causes in our community and the World. We contribute a portion of every sale to the Alliance For A New Humanity

An organization that supports the efforts of human beings who are contributing to the creation of a just, peaceful and sustainable world. A collective conscious if you will.

Our local beneficiaries are:

The American Cancer Society
Treasured Friends
The Human Rights Campaign

The first Shopaholic location is the Mamma-ship. We will continue to grow our concept to include maternity, baby stuff, men's wear and home furnishings. Of course we will offer hair styling, make-up and various other services, plus some " got to have in my bathroom" personal care products. We addicts sometimes just need the thrill of having something no one else has…so Shopaholic will mix a few exclusive new items along with our signature C&S BRAND of "eco-chic"pieces. (We wouldn't want you to evolve too quickly…balance is the key to everything!

(Oh, yeah . . . and bring the dog to work. :)